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Increasing collaboration and communication amid a pandemic thanks to Google Workspace


Fenerbahce Sports Club is a Turkish sports club based in Istanbul.It is a major multi-sport club that competes in football, basketball, volleyball, athletics, swimming, sailing, rowing, boxing, and table tennis, among many others, with many major honours won in each department. The team plays its home games at Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium with 50,509 people capacity, located in Istanbul Kadıköy. Founded in 1907 as a sports club Fenerbahce, Turkey is one of the most successful and the most pro sports clubs in football history.The current head of the Club is Ali Koç.

Business Challenge

As the IT Team was open to a less expensive alternative to upgrading the server; it seemed that the introduction of Wokspace was perfectly timed.In addition to debating a pricey upgrade, the technology team was also interested in finding a productivity solution that better supported the expanding business’ need for tools that promoted communication and collaboration. Fenerbahce’s of IT, looked to technology to find a solution that would solve both issues. He was also concerned with finding a comprehensive tool that would be easy to implement and to use. With a mixed roster of club employees, athletes and brand providers, they have the email, calendars, documents and file storage they need to “just work” without hindering productivity. Fenerbahce says ‘We started the Google Workspace transition planning before Covid-19, but the value and importance of this investment increased during the period when the impact of the pandemic was great.’


Wokspace, which included easier access to they business documents and better video conferencing capabilities, they meetings can happen instantaneously through Meet. A cost analysis comparing an evaluation of hosted, or cloud-based, solutions to a more traditional upgrade path, Fenerbahce found that Workspace would offer new functionality at 40% times less the cost. They have simplified a section of our infrastructure, enjoying significant cost savings, and increasing productivity, their teams decided to move away from their heavy server-based, traditional solutions and implement the Workspace suite using NGC for the deployment, data migration and training. To increase Workspace Adoption rates, the NGC team provided 1 month and a half hours of online training every day, as well as providing training videos and documentation. According to Fenerbahce said “Any business planning a Workspace deployment should strongly consider onsite or webinar trainings prior to the migrations.”


Workspace so easy to use people transitioned seamlessly and were excited to begin collaborating once they saw the potential. Fenerbahce found it easier to communicate and work more efficiently as a team. They are now leveraging Google Meets as a unified way for people to communicate across devices by voice, video or text. Google Drive is where they store some of our data including every file type (PDF, images, video files, etc). It has become a place where they can create, share, collaborate, and keep all of our work. They are able to store everything safely and access it anywhere at any time. Fenerbahce says ‘We are now able to access our data from anywhere on the web, at home, at the office, or on travel from all of our devices. We have taken advantage of the secure and reliable centralized management tools. Thank you Google and NGC.’