LC Waikiki’s Journey in E-commerce with Google Cloud


They wanted Google Cloud to cost-effectively simplify their business. To support and succeed, NGC supported the project. We created new virtual machines on Google Cloud. We have created a plan to work with a Kubernetes environment for microservices.

The challenge

LC Waikiki has improved both site performance and customer experience by migrating its e commerce platform by leveraging the reliability and scalability of Google Cloud. The team evaluated how best  to integrate LC Waikiki’s services with Google Cloud. NGC helped LC Waikiki, we have converted applications to new VMs, we have increased security with services offered through the Local firewall.

The solution

NGC set up LC Waikiki as an enterprise-level customer and then provided guidance to show them how to operate their Google Cloud instances of GKE to achieve Committed Use Discounts (CUDs) and Sustained Use Discounts (SUDs). LC Waikiki, With auto-scaling on Google Kubernetes Engine, it started delivering error-free experiences to nearly 4x more daily users during peak seasons.

The results

By partnering with NGC and Google Cloud, LC Waikiki transitioned to a truly scalable technology platform that will meet current and future customer demand as the company incrementally innovates all aspects of ecommerce for brands.Google Cloud offered LC Waikiki’s e commerce workloads a wide selection of Compute Engine machine types to help scale more accurately and reduce cost.