Streamlining infrastructure for most dynamic financial market


With the Metatime NGC team,they have been using Google Cloud services from the very beginning and adds services wherever they sees an opportunity.

The Challenge

Offers higher reliability SLAs and makes it easier for us to scale up and down in real-time when needed. With the Metatime Google Cloud provides a strong infrastructure for their compute, storage, security, and networking needs and offers the tightest partnership where Google Cloud is committed to understanding our technical goals and business objectives and helping us meet them

The Solution

To do this, they used the following strategies when migrating to Google Cloud:Replatform, where they mostly lifted and shifted but to newer cloud-native platforms,refactor (update an app or workload into a new form factor, like converting from VMs to containers), rewrite, such that they took existing apps and rebuilt them from scratch in the cloud.


After their migration, they saw improvements within a matter of weeks for: Reduced IT maintenance labor (improved by 20-30%) reduced hardware procurement time (improved by 20-30%) and within a few months, they also saw improvements for reduced on prem hardware costs, accelerated IT / development cycles.