Benefits of cloud architecture


Instead of investing upfront costs for servers, you can opt to use the infrastructure of a cloud service provider. Dynamic provisioning allows you to further optimize spending by paying only for the computing resources you use.

Faster time to market

You no longer need to wait to procure, set up, and configure computing infrastructure. Cloud architectures enable you to get up and running fast, so you spend more time focusing on developing and delivering new products.


Cloud architectures give you more flexibility to scale computing resources up (or down) based on your infrastructure requirements. You can easily scale to meet higher demand, whether from growth or seasonal spikes in traffic.

High availability

Applications run and managed on cloud architectures benefit from high-performance computing resources that ensure continuous availability, regardless of fluctuating loads.

Strong security

Cloud service providers consistently upgrade and improve their security mechanisms with expert professionals and the latest technologies to help secure your data, systems, and workloads.