We know cloud migration

Cloud migration is a multi-phase process that includes assessment, planning, migration, and optimization/modernization. A holistic, end-to-end migration program helps organizations lower risk, control costs, and simplify the path to cloud success.

Organizations have several options when beginning the cloud migration process.

A thorough checklist can provide a roadmap that organizations can follow to ease the migration to the cloud. A checklist can include the following items and more.


  • Define the resources and capacity of applications

  • Create a list of applications, who uses them and how often

  • Identify key stakeholders early in the process

  • Determine which applications are cloud eligible

  • Specify security and compliance requirements


  • Pick a strategy for each application

  • Design cloud infrastructure such as compute, networking, security, storage, etc.

  • Identify the capabilities of the workloads that will be migrating

  • Create migration plans for apps and their data


  • Devise a testing strategy before beginning migration

  • Test data migration and synchronization

  • Validate security controls

  • Document necessary changes to be done as part of the migration

  • Plan the time for application cutover


  • Migrate according to the plan for each app, workload, and instance

  • Migrate in stages, executing each wave, then validating in the cloud

  • Apply lessons learned from one way to the next wave

Optimize and modernize

  • Monitor application and cloud usage

  • Optimize user experience

  • Monitor cloud costs and adjust as needed

  • Upgrade apps and systems to more modern solutions, like PaaS or SaaS