The most scalable and fully automated Kubernetes service

Increased velocity, reduced risk, and lower TCO

With the new premium GKE Enterprise edition, platform teams benefit from increased velocity by configuring and observing multiple clusters from one place, defining configuration for teams rather than clusters, and providing self-service options for developers for deployment and management of apps. You can reduce risk using advanced security and GitOps-based configuration management. Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with a fully integrated and managed solution—adding up to a 196% ROI in three years.

Serverless Kubernetes experience using Autopilot

GKE Autopilot is a hands-off operations mode that manages your cluster’s underlying compute (without you needing to configure or monitor)—while still delivering a complete Kubernetes experience. And with per-pod billing, Autopilot ensures you pay only for your running pods, not system components, operating system overhead, or unallocated capacity for up to 85% savings from resource and operational efficiency. Both Autopilot and Standard operations mode are available as part of the GKE Enterprise edition.

Pod and cluster autoscaling

GKE implements full Kubernetes API, four-way autoscaling, release channels, multi-cluster support, and scales up to 15,000 nodes. Horizontal pod autoscaling can be based on CPU utilization or custom metrics. Cluster autoscaling works on a per-node-pool basis, and vertical pod autoscaling continuously analyzes the CPU and memory usage of pods, automatically adjusting CPU and memory requests.